Welcome to the new La Boca Terrace, located at Fredsgatan 12, left wing, as part of this summer's new entertainment venue. In the building, in addition to the La Boca Terrace, you'll find the well-known club F12 on the right side of the terrace and F12 Studio one floor down. In June, the La Boca Square will also open. 

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With influences from South America and the countries around the Mediterranean, inspiration is drawn from various grilling techniques, mainly asado. The menu, created by Mattias Dahlström and Gabriel Strandberg focuses on fire, smoke and the Latin American cuisine. 


Chambre séparée

Do you want to sit close to the fire with a view of the chefs' handiwork, have a separate dinner with our meat tenderizing fridges as your next table neighbor, or are you a larger group that needs your own room? Do you want to sit apart, be a bit more private or even organize your own party? 

At La Boca, we have a total of three separate dining rooms for both large and small groups.

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We serve selected wines from all over the world, but delve into the South American regions. Likewise our list of spirits, where we have many exciting features from the same part of the world. In the cocktail bar drinks are mixed with South American flavors. Our sommelier Max Nordberg and award winning bartender Robin Ogestadh place great emphasis on every smallest details selecting our beverages. 

Inspired by Argentine Cuisine

We want to take you on a journey to the lively district of La Boca in Buenos Aires, a neighborhood that represents both South America and the countries around the Mediterranean. Our philosophy is that all food is shared at the table to create a familial atmosphere where multiple flavors are experienced together.

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